📔Smart Contract & Audits


This page provides a list of our smart contracts and their corresponding audit information. Our contracts have been thoroughly reviewed by independent third-party auditors to ensure the security and integrity of our protocols.

Smart Contract List

Below is the list of our deployed smart contracts, including their addresses and audit statuses.

Contract 1

Name: PostTechProfile

Address: 0x87da6930626fe0c7db8bc15587ec0e410937e5dc

Audit Status: Audited

Auditor: PeckShield

Audit Report: View Report

Contract 2

Name: Post Tech Token

Address: 0xC29b9C4f45fD4f07768cF913ACDe0C7772b47124

Audit Status: Pending

Contract 3


Address: 0x270ea1669a662e84fe2566171f533cda9b8b1d60

Audit Status: Pending

Security Practices

We are committed to ensuring the security of our users' funds and data. We undertake rigorous testing and auditing processes for all our smart contracts. We also encourage the community to participate in identifying and rectifying vulnerabilities.

Responsible Disclosure

If you discover a vulnerability in any of our contracts or platform, we encourage you to notify us privately at contact@post.tech. We will investigate all reported security issues and implement appropriate measures to protect our platform and users before public disclosure. Your efforts to responsibly disclose your findings are appreciated and will be acknowledged.

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