Airdrop Program: We have earmarked 10.02% of POST total supply for our community participants who engaged in platform activity prior to token launch . Equally distributed across 5 epochs, this approach ensures that our community members are not just users but owners, holding a stake in the ecosystem they contribute to enriching. The 0.02% is Earmarked for Epoch 1 settlement.

Private Sale and Early Backers: A reserved allocation for early backers and private sale participants ensures that the pioneers and early believers of the vision is adequately rewarded. The exact allocation for this purpose will also be decided via community vote, with the Team suggesting an allocation of 15% of the total supply.

Team and Advisors: The team and advisors could be allocated a percentage of POST, subject to a vesting schedule that aligns the team’s interests with the long-term growth and success of the platform. The team suggests the allocation of 15% of the total supply.

Community and Ecosystem Building: A certain allocation of POST is earmarked for community building, partnerships, and ecosystem development. This allocation ensures that the community is vibrant, engaged, and growing. This allocation is suggested to be 50% by the team but will be influenced by the final decision of the DAO.

Community Reserves: A reserve of POST ensures that is equipped to navigate future developments, and unexpected challenges, or capitalize on emergent opportunities. This allocation The team suggests be no lower than 10% (With 0.02% already earmarked for use.)

Initial Liquidity: 30% of protocol fees accrued during the 5 epochs are earmarked for the provision of liquidity, paired with POST tokens taken from the Community Reserves at a ratio of $.05/POST. The amount of POST provided will expand to maintain this ratio at launch and will be calculated at the time of liquidity pairing at the ETH market rate.

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