Airdrop Eligibility Distribution

$POST is the utility token of, designed to reward users and facilitate governance for the protocol in the future.

Token Details (brief)

  • Token Standard: ERC-20

  • Symbol: POST

  • Total Supply: 1B

  • Initial Launch Price: $0.05

  • Initial DEX Liquidity: 30% of the protocol fees accumulated from Sept 9 to Nov 20 (UTC)

  • Chain: Arbitrum

  • Contract Address: TBD

Airdrop Epochs & Token Allocation:

EpochAllocationEstimated TimelineNote


2,000,000 tokens


No vesting, no lock-up



Sept 24 - Oct 07

Possible Portion Vest (TBD)



Oct 08 - Oct 21

Possible Portion Vest (TBD)



Oct 22 - Nov 5

Possible Portion Vest (TBD)



Nov 6 - Nov 20

Possible Portion Vest (TBD)

Note: The given dates are estimates. Delays of a few hours or days between epochs may occur due to necessary preparations for subsequent epochs.

Initial Token Distribution: Details to be released in upcoming updates.

Token Utility

  • Rewarding user activity

  • Governing smart contracts

  • Platform utilities such as paying fees and purchasing features

  • Additional utilities will be announced in future updates

Airdrop Eligibility

To qualify for the airdrop, users must actively participate and complete the tasks specified on

Following the conclusion of an epoch, we will snapshot users' activities and allocate tokens based on their points.

Participant Tokens = Earned Points * (Total token allocation for Epoch / Total points)

For Epoch 1, tokens will be allocated based on their USD equivalent at the launch price, totaling a value of $100,000. From Epoch 2 onwards, rewards will be in $POST tokens as outlined above.

Qualifying Actions

  • Create and engage with posts on

  • Mention @PostTechSoFi and $POST on X (formerly Twitter) (*)

  • Invite friends

  • Trading activities like buying, selling, and holding shares

(*) Rules starting from Epoch 2: Posting and replying on both and X will be scored by our generative spam AI.

Spam ScorePointNote






Minimal effort, barely acceptable



Limited contribution, needs significant improvement



Below average, some relevant content but lacking depth or quality



Mediocre, shows some understanding but lacks creativity or originality



Average, meets basic requirements but doesn't stand out



Above average, decent contribution with minor issues



Good, well-constructed with room for improvement



Very good, substantial contribution with only a few minor issues



Excellent, near perfect, showcases deep understanding or creativity



Outstanding, exceeds expectations, top-notch quality and effort

Prioritize meaningful and positive tweets introducing @PostTechSoFi instead of spam or irrelevant posts.

Using #posttech on X (formerly Twitter) is not mandatory. Just mention @PostTechSoFi and $POST to earn points.

Note: We reserve the right to modify the terms & conditions of the Airdrop campaign without prior notice.

Ensuring Fairness

To maintain fairness for participants, we may adjust points or penalize accounts that don't meet our qualifications. This can be based on:

  • Community reports

  • Discrepancies in view counts or likes compared to account activity prior to the campaign's start on 8th September UTC.

Please note that points may be adjusted post-snapshot if suspicious activity is detected.

Airdrop Claim Process

As detailed in the Whitepaper, to participate in the Airdrop and claim your assets, you will be able to conduct a transaction from the wallet linked to your Post.Tech account. Claiming your assets does not require any activity on Twitter. In line with our tokenomics, approximately 10.02% of our total supply is allocated for an Airdrop, aimed at rewarding our early Post.Tech users across 5 Epochs. To ensure a smooth and secure token claiming experience while also minimizing selling pressure on the initial liquidity, we have outlined a detailed Airdrop claim process.

Phase 1: Pre-claim (14 days)

During this phase, users can lock their pending tokens for 3 months to 4 years to receive vePOST NFT. Options include:

  • Locking pending $POST for vePOST NFT.

  • Locking $POST and $ETH in a liquidity pool for vePOST NFT and staking in farming pools.

Advantages of Early Locking

  • Weight Boost: Locking tokens in the pre-claim period gives a Lock Weight Multiplier boost.

    • Locking $POST alone: 120% boost.

    • Locking $POST with $ETH: 150% boost.

  • Example: Locking 1,000 $POST for 4 years in the pre-claim equals 2,400 $vePOST without ETH, or 3,000 $vePOST with ETH.

  • Dual Token Rewards: Extra $ETH can yield protocol fees and LP Incentives.

  • Additional Benefits: As outlined in section 9.4 VeTokenomics.

Phase 2: DAO Initiation

Concurrent with Phase 1, we'll set up the DAO and begin the Genesis DAO Vote, determining the vesting schedule for Airdrop allocations in Epochs 2-5. Those who lock their $POST for vePOST can vote in this phase, occurring 3-4 days before Phase 3.

Phase 3: Free Claim (30 days)

In this phase, Epoch 1 users can claim tokens without vesting. Tokens for Epochs 2-5 are claimed based on the DAO-decided vesting schedule. There's a 30-day window for claiming; unclaimed tokens will be burned or moved to the Community Treasury.


After claiming all Airdrop tokens, users can utilize them on, converting them to vePOST NFT for staking, farming LP on Uniswap V3, or participating in DAO decisions. They can extend their token lock or wait for its expiry to retrieve their original $POST tokens or LP.

How to Claim the Airdrop

To successfully claim your Airdrop, follow these steps:

Step 1: Read & Understand the Claim Process

  • Take your time to thoroughly read and understand the entire claim process. Patience is key, as this may take some time. Familiarize yourself with each phase and its requirements to ensure a smooth claiming experience.

Step 2: Participate in Pre-claim Phase

  • Lock Your Tokens for Benefits: During the pre-claim phase, you have the option to lock your eligible $POST tokens. This locking is solely for the purpose of receiving the benefits as mentioned earlier.

  • Duration: The pre-claim phase will last for 14 days. Stay tuned for our official announcement regarding the launch date. We are aiming to start this phase in the second week of December, after ensuring our contracts, system, and points are ready.

Step 3: Participate in Our DAO, Genesis Vote, and the Platform

  • Be an Active Community Member: Owning $POST tokens makes you a vital part of our community. We encourage you to participate actively in our DAO and help shape the project's future.

  • Engage on Social Platforms: Help us grow by engaging with our project on platforms like Twitter and Post.Tech. Your participation and feedback are invaluable.

Step 4: Claiming Your Tokens

  • Claim Phase Start: The token claiming phase will commence after the conclusion of both the Pre-claim Phase and the Genesis Vote. We estimate this to begin towards the end of December.

  • Access the Claim Interface: Once the claiming phase starts, access the claim interface on our platform.

  • Follow the Instructions: Complete the claim by following the instructions provided. Ensure you have sufficient ETH in your wallet to cover transaction fees.

Important Notes

  • Ensure the security of your wallet and keep your private key confidential.

  • Be mindful of deadlines to avoid missing out on your Airdrop.

  • Stay updated with our latest announcements for any changes in the claim process or timelines.

  • Evaluation Period Post-Airdrop: After the Airdrop, we will conduct an evaluation period to review the results. We reserve the right to deduct tokens from accounts that are found to have violated our Airdrop terms and conditions.

For more information and support, refer to our detailed process above or reach out to our support team.

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