Use Cases & Utilities

Platform Utility: POST is designed to be the lifeblood of the ecosystem. Core functions include but are not limited to the unlock of premium features, access to exclusive content, participation in governance, and staking. Every POST token is not just a unit of value but an access key to an enriched user experience.

Governance: vePOST (Vote Escrowed POST) holders will be integral participants in the platform’s decision-making processes. From voting on feature enhancements, and protocol changes, to the introduction of new functionalities, POST ensures that every voice counts, and every opinion matters. Additionally, the community will have significant influence over initial tokenomic decision making processes; including the Team/advisory allocation and vesting, how much of the supply will be earmarked for investor sale, and the vesting schedule of tokens not immediately locked into governance. Token governance will be ratified via, and Governance discussions will initially take place on Specific links to each page will be added to this document once the URLs are set.

Staking and Rewards: 30% of protocol fees are earmarked for use by the DAO/Staking ecosystem. During the initial 5 epochs these fees will be earmarked to provide liquidity on Uniswap V3, Full range, 0.3% trading fee. Between the end of Epoch 5 and the token generation event (TGE), fees accrued will be earmarked to seed the DAO with ETH funding. After the TGE, The distribution of the 30% fee will be a configurable parameter controlled by the DAO, able to be allocated between the DAO treasury and Staker yield. The default parameter upon launch will direct all 30% to stakers.

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